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Brad Thompson

I have been working in the computer field since 1985. I started out as an electronics technician at a start up company. I added new skills weekly as the company needed things done that other people did not want to do. When I started on the PC, Windows had not been thought of yet. I saw Windows version 1, played with version 2 and worked with version 3. I worked with Windows 3.1 and 3.11 for many years, installing it on countless machines and showing people how to use it.

When Windows 95 came out it was much easier to install and use. I am using Windows XP at home now and really enjoy the ease of use.

My main job is computer programming. I write in FORTRAN on a VAX. I have been doing this for about seven years. I have been in computers for about twenty years, doing all kinds of crazy things with start up companies.

On the side, I help people with computer problems, both hardware and software. In other words, my hobby is fixing computers and showing people how to use them.

This is my second class teaching Beginning Computer I. I hope this course is as helpful as my old students said the last class was.

Just remember one thing: Practice is the only way to get good at computers. Your level of expertise is directly related to the number of hours you put into playing with a computer.

Y'all have fun


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