Beginning Computer I - Outline

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The mouse

The mouse is your main appliance. It is used for selecting and moving. The usual mouse has two buttons: left and right

Basically, the buttons are used for two things:

  • The left button does something
  • The right button brings up a menu.
  This is called...
Action Left Right
Press and release button
Right Click
Hold button down, then move mouse Drag Right Drag
Click button twice, fast Double Click -
Click button three times, fast Triple click -
Hold down SHIFT key and click Shift Click -
Hold down CTRL key and click Ctrl Click -

When do you Click and when do you Double Click?

  • Click to select an icon or a window.
  • Click to activate a button or a menu selection.
  • Double Click to open an icon.
    You can also open an icon by Right Clicking on it, then Clicking on Open from the menu that comes up
  • Double Click in text to select a word.
  • Triple Click in text to select a whole paragraph.
  • Shift Click to extend a selection.
  • Ctrl Click to add 1 item to a selection

How do you get used to all this clicking and dragging????

Play Solitaire!!!!!!

All Mousing expertise is from Muscle Memory. Muscle Memory comes from practice; lots of practice is better than a little.

How to hold the mouse

There are two ways to hold the mouse: the hard way and the easy way.
Most people use the hard way, but we won't describe that, other than to say it makes it hard to hold the mouse steady when clicking.

The easy way is where you keep your wrist flat on the table. If this is uncomfortable, there are mouse pads available with a wrist pad that is filled with gel.
Hold the mouse between your thumb and ring finger. Use your index and middle fingers to work the buttons.
This will give you enough range to mouse around most of the screen. If you need move past where you can reach, pick up the mouse, move it the opposite way and set it down.

This is a technique I have unconciously developed over the years. About ten years ago I broke my wrists, so you know this is the most comfortable way you can use a mouse.

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