Beginning Computer I - Outline

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Your computer is like your kitchen

The processor is like a mixer: a 150 Mhz Pentium is like a hand powered beater, a 2.5 Ghz Pentium 4 is like a commercial Hobart like a bakery would use.

RAM is like your counter space: 64 MB is like the 2 foot section of counter between the sink and the fridge. 256 MB is what Emmeril uses. 512 MB is like a commercial bakery.

Hard disk (HDD) is like cabinet space: 1 GB is like the cabinet over the sink. 10 GB will hold complete service for 4 and some pots. 40 GB holds service for 10, a good selection of pots and all your tupperware. 60 GB or better, like that plus a walk in pantry

Basically, any new computer you can buy will be adequate for anything you want to do, but use the guidlines above to make sure you dont get more than you need.

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