Beginning Computer I - Outline

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Files and folders

A computer is organized like a filing cabinet. A disk drive is a drawer in the cabinet . Inside the drawer, different items are organized in folders. Some folders you want to stay out of. Folders to stay out of would be Windows and Program Files.

A good folder to use to organize your files is My Documents. Most windows programs are or can be set up to use My Documents by default. This a good thing. Some folders that might be set up already in My Documents are My Music and My Pictures.

Inside My Documents you can set up folders to hold projects. If you are writing a book, you could set up a folder for the book. Inside that coould be folders for your research notes, scanned documents and other pictures. Maybe a folder for interviews. Don't foget a folder for the text of the book.

If you write to magazines or newspapers, maybe a folder for correspondence, with sub folders for each place you write.

However you nest folders, make sure everything you create is inside My Documents. It makes it easy to find as well as easy to back up to a safe place.

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