Beginning Computer I - Outline

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The cursor

Not someone who swears, although you might. I like that line!

The cursor is also known as the pointer. This is the arrow that moves on the screen when you move the mouse. Well, it starts out as an arrow. Your kids might have turned it into a zombie or something, but that is a later lesson.

The cursor has various looks:

Ready for pointing
Hang on, I am busy
Arrow and Hourglass
I am busy, but you might can do something
I beam
Over a text area, ready to set the Insertion Point for typing. Text will appear to the left of the cursor.
Double headed arrow
On the edge of a resizable window, click and drag to resize
Four headed arrow
Ready to move the window with the arrow keys on the keyboard

These are the basic pointers you will see most of the time. Inside various programs, the pointer will look differently for special functions.

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