Beginning Computer I - Outline

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Bars on the windows

The control bars you will see in Windows are discussed on pages 19 to 21.


The taskbar is the grey strip across the bottom of the destop. On the left side is the Start button, on the right is the Clock. You might have some icons by the clock. This area is called the Tool Tray. you also might have som icons next to the start button. This is the Quick Launch area. The rest of the Taskbar holds buttons that represent running programs. A running program is called a Task, hence the name Taskbar.

If you start a couple of programs, you can switch from one task to the other by clicking on the buttons on theTaskbar. If you right click a tasks button you get the same menu as you would by right clicking that window's Title bar.

The Taskbar can be resized and moved. If you point to the top edge of the task bar, you get a double headed arrow. Drag up and the bar gets taller, drag down and it disappears, except for the very edge. That way you can drag it back in sight again. To move the Taskbar, point to a blank spot and drag it up, left or right. Right click the taskbar for a control menu for setting up the taskbar and start button.

Title Bar

When you open a program, it is diplayed in a window. The top stripe of the window is the Title bar. You can move, resize, minimize, maximize, restore and close the window from controls on the title bar.

If you Right Click on the title bar you get a menu that lets you do all those things.

The Title Bar has three buttons on the right that let you minimize, maximize or restore, and close the window. Double Click the Title Bar to maximize or restore.

If you drag the Title Bar, you can move the window.

Point to the edge of the window, then drag the double headed arrow to resize.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is below the Title Bar. It is the bar that has words on it. Click on one of the words and a menu drops down. Hold down the Aly key and hit the underlined letter to pull down the menu - Alt F for the file menu

Almost every program has three menus: File, Edit and Help. Most programs have similar entries on these menus, so get used to them and what they do.


Toolbars are usually below the menu bar and have icons that serve commonly used functions from one of the menus. Not all windows have Toolbars.

Scroll Bars

Scroll Bars are usually on the right and bottom side of a window. They might not be displayed if all the text or pictures in a document can be displayed in the open window.

Scroll bars have three sections: Arrows, Blank spots and the Thumb.

Clicking on an arrow moves the display one or more lines in the direction it points.

Clicking on the blank space on either side of the thumb usually move a whole screen in the direction you click.

The thumb is mainly to display the relative position of what you see in the whole document, but if you drag the thumb, the display moves real fast.

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