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This is the obligatory LotsaLinks page

email me with some good links you have found so I can share them with the class!

Good home pages - portal sites

My Yahoo! Personal web page of Yahoo! You can set up whatever content you want on multiple pages. News on one, searches on another, email, address book and notepad on another. I have been using this as my home page the early nineties

MSN Microsoft Network

Adelphia Power Page Front page for PowerLink users, including online support.

Information Sites

About.Com They are a warehouse of sites. Any topic you can imagine, they have a complete site about it, including current articles, a forum for asking questions, links, whatever. Every topical site has a full time guide that updates it constantly.

Weather Underground Great site for people who are serious about weather. Includes features like star maps for your current time and location, weather forecasts from NWS, links to sites that will teach you about meteorology and the best coverage of hurricanes.

GRC.Com Gibson Research Corp is a great place to learn about keeping your computer secure.

How about an Online News Paper site? Here is another one from Australia called Paperboy

Computer use

A shocking site


Search sites a google of web pages indexed for you

Ask.Com it was called AskJeeves.Com. Good old Jeeves is still there, still answering questions you ask in plain english.

And much more to come...

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