Beginning Computer I - Homework

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after Class 1

Homework for the first week is pretty simple: Play Solitaire!
This will give you practice in basic mouse operations.

If you need the program to do your homework, you need two files:


You won't need them at home, but if you are at a site where the thought police have removed this valuable training tool, you can download them by right clicking on the names above, then choose SAVE from the menu.

The other part of the homework is to come to this site and review the Basic Stuff page. To prove you were here, the password is DUDE!

after Class 2

Homework for the first week is pretty simple too:

  1. Continue exploring this site, until you have been everywhere.
  2. Surf the internet and look for sites that you find interesting, then write them down and bring them to me.
  3. Write down any questions you have and bring them in too.

Remember, no class next week. I will be back on November 2nd.

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