Beginning Computer I - Basic Stuff
Start Button

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Start Button

The start button is a good place to start. It is also the right way to STOP!

The most important thing to know about Windows is how to turn off the computer.

If you click the Start button, on the buttom right of the menu is a button labeled "Turn Off Computer".

To turn off the computer, first close all the open windows you have. That way you make sure your files get saved properly and windows does not have to wait on you to click a dialog that is hidden under something else. Then click on the start button and click on Turn Off Computer.


Then click Turn Off. In a minute the computer will either turn itself off or display a sign that it is safe turn it off.

To reboot the computer click Restart.

Stand By is a low power mode. You might use this if you are going to be away for a while, but will return to finish what you were doing.





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