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Holding a Mouse

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Holding a mouse

Holding the mouse properly is important. Holding it wrong can make it difficult to control the mouse and cause strain in your arm. Holding it properly can make it much easier to get used to, giving you more control with less effort.

Also important is a good mouse pad. I prefer the gel kind with a wrist rest.

I use an optical mouse because the ball kind gets gunked up and starts doing strange things.




Rest your wrist on the rest or lay it flat on te table, then hold the mouse between the thumb and the ring and little fingers. Hold the mouse loosely, it won't try to crawl away. A tight grip strains your muscles and makes you lose control.




The index and middle fingers will then naturally rest on the left and right buttons. This is good because most of the button pressing you do is on the left button with your index finger





Holding the mouse with your wrist flat also makes it easy to lift the mouse when you run out of space but still have to move the pointer some more.







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