Beginning Computer I - Basic Stuff


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The Desktop is what you see when windows is up and ready to use. For instance, here is my desktop:

The picture of the ocean and stuff in the background is called the Wallpaper. Laying on top of the Wallpaper are a bunch of little pictures called Icons, which are objects you can open to do various things. The strip at the bottom of the Desktop is the Taskbar.


The Taskbar is used to start and control Applications and other programs you run.
The taskbar has several important areas:

  1. Start Button
  2. Quick Launch Area
  3. Button Area
  4. Notification Area
The Start Button has a page of it's own, so go there to read about it.

Quick Launch

The Quick Launch area is a section of the Taskbar you can set up with Icons for Applications you use a lot. These are buttons, so they are activated with a single Click.

To put a button in the Quick Launch, just drag an Icon onto this area.

If that does not work you need to unlock the taskbar and/or enable the quick launch area. This done by right-clicking on a blank area of the taskbar and choosing from the menu that comes up.

Button Area

Every application you run is a Task, and every Task has a button on the Taskbar. The button area holds Task buttons. To switch between Tasks (running applications) click on the Task button you want to make active.

For instance, on the Taskbar buttons to the right, the top bar has no active task, but the bottom bar shows the middle button was clicked, so Dreamweaver is active.

Notification Area

This is where the clock is. It is also where some small programs run in the background. This would be things like a virus checker or the volume control. The little arrow pointing left is where some more icons are hiding.


The Desktop is the main work area of windows.

The background picture is called Wallpaper.

Various Icons lay on the Desktop Wallpaper, just like stapers and notepads sit on your desk at home.

The Taskbar is the strip at the bottom of the desktop.

The taskbar is used to control Applications and other programs that are running.

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